Hyper-Targeted Audiences

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Delivering the Right Message to the Right Eyes, Every Time

Maximize your ROI by unlocking the ideal customers through precision targeting powered by our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions.

At Haide Digital, we go beyond the realm of traditional advertising expertise. We're not just ad experts; we are data maestros orchestrating an unparalleled synergy of data and strategy.

With over 1.9 trillion data points at our disposal, we deliver actionable insights that propel your business into a realm of unrivaled growth and success.

Grow your business with a digital acquisition system

Our SuperPixel connects with more than 280 million user profiles, monitoring billions of real-time activities. With a simple 5-minute setup, our clients can match 30-70% of their traffic to individual user profiles

Access over 1.9 trillion behaviours and keyword searches


Identify the Keywords/Behaviours

Discover your customer's most intentional search terms


Match the keywords across our identity graph

We cross-check terms against 280 million profiles


Identity the Exact Target Audience

Identify the specific consumers behind the searches


Integrate hyper-targeted audiences into Facebook, TikTok, and Google to reduce ad costs

How it works?

With SuperPixel's reach to 280m+ profiles and real-time tracking, a 5-minute install lets YOU match 30-70% of traffic to user profiles



Strategy Customization & Deployment


Match Ananymous Traffic to Digital Profiles


Gain an unfair advantage with AI — your competitors are doing it.


AI Development

We provide businesses with smart solutions including custom chatbots, AI tools, and personalized integrations.


Automated Follow-Ups

Stay connected with our efficient follow-up system. Engage prospects and strengthen relationships, capturing every opportunity with less manual effort.


Lead Generation

Our intelligent solutions like custom chatbots, AI tools, and personalized integrations are engineered to drive business growth.


Sales Funnels

Strategically crafted to guide prospects from introduction to purchase.


Email Marketing System

Leveraging AI-driven strategies, we offer businesses targeted email campaigns and personalized content.


Text Marketing System

Using AI insights, we design personalized text campaigns that engage your audience effectively.

Why Us?

Exclusivity and Commitment: We work with only a select group of clients. This ensures that each business receives our undivided attention, dedication, and commitment to their success.

Personalized Understanding: Our discovery call is tailored to understand the unique history of your business. We believe in going deeper to appreciate where you've come from, so we can better guide where you're headed.

Custom Strategies: We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. During our strategy call, we craft a custom plan meticulously aligned with your specific goals and needs.

Rapid Implementation: Time is of the essence in today's fast-paced world. Once we've settled on a strategy, our team will curate and build out your funnel in less than a week.

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